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Young companies need finance to grow. To raise funding, they need networks within the financial industry, and they need experts capable of understanding their technology. These companies must find partners who comprehend their challenges, fears, and shortcomings. Ideally, they seek like-minded investors who genuinely prioritize sustainability. has an expansive and experienced network in the impact investor arena. We combine technical and financial expert knowledge to build the financing bridge and ease communication.

Investors often lack the in-house expertise required to evaluate emerging technologies. Therefore, both investors and early-stage companies share a desire and need to align their values. The future hinges on sustainability to achieve 100% renewable energy in Germany, Europe, and the world. Authentic sustainable investors aim to distinguish themselves from their greenwashed counterparts. enables investors to gain insights on tech, save time and professionalize their deal flow by obtaining information only on companies which have passed the ‚newtrail sustainability clearance‘.

The climate crises is fueled by
human-made GHG emissions. 73 % of global GHG emissions come from energy generation.

Many of the technologies necessary to avoid these GHG emissions are already viable. – Research and data to make progress against the world’s largest problems.
Source: Climate Watch, the World Resource Institute (2020)
Licensed under CC-BY by the author Hanna Ritchie (2020)

Every company bears a shared responsibility for the society it operates in. We currently find ourselves in a climate crisis, which also contributes to the species crisis. Consequently, both crises necessitate our utmost efforts to combat them. Although humans possess distinct qualities, they are equal and hold equal value. Lastly, we must acknowledge that eternal growth within a finite system is an impossibility.

It is essential to abandon nonsensical practices such as cultivating rapeseed for fuel extraction when an electric car is 200 times more efficient. Likewise, the notion of exclusively replacing combustion engine cars with electric vehicles does not fit to a future mobility concept.


What we can do for you

  1.’s core competencies and the world’s most urgent problem is the transformation of the energy system to 100% renewable energies.
  2. has personal contact to a large number of the funds and people who can and want to advance the energy transition.
  3. We handpick companies from the clean energy sector, and qualify them according to the ‚newtrail sustainability clearance‘.
  4. On our platform like-minded investors can individualize and weight their search criteria to generate a TOP5 list with best fitting companies.


What we stand for


Think system change and disruption: a caterpillar with clip-on wings is not a butterfly.

100% renewable energy for Germany, Europe, and the world.

Stop foolish things like growing rapeseed to burn with extracted oil as fuel.

Every company has a shared responsibility for the society in which it operates.

There is no eternal growth in a finite system.

We are in the climate crisis, which is a contributing cause of the species crisis. Both must be ‚fought‘ with all our mind, love, and dedication.

Humans are not equal, but of equal value.

The Gimme 5 pledge
5% of the annual profits of GmbH are donated to non-profit-making organisations which are aiming for goals aligned with our values.


Who we are


Claas Helmke has a 25-year background in Renewable Energy, from Research Management with the European Commission, to creating the European Offices for a flexible PV module manufacturer from the US, to helping to set-up a UAE-financed PV module manufacture in Germany and serving here as the Chief Marketing Officer.

For the last six years Claas Helmke partnered with one of the pioneers of climate impact investing as the Head of Origination and enabled the company to win a call for tender of the World Economic Forum for the management of a sustainable energy innovation fund.

Claas graduated in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Applied Science in Trier, Germany, and holds a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from Newcastle University, UK.

In 2019 Claas Helmke founded GermanZero e.V., an NGO that is developing an energy law for Germany to enable and enshrine climate neutrality by 2035. GermanZero has initiated more than 80 local climate referenda in cities, towns and villages all over Germany to anchoring local climate goals also.

On the occasion of his 80th birthday, Pope Francisco received Claas Helmke and thanked him for the wisdom of some German politicians (Fell, Scheer) and the German people. These, he said, had ensured through the introduction of the Renewable Energy Sources Act that solar power had become so cheap that even people in less developed countries could have access to electricity instead of burning fossil fuels.


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